Safe Holiday


The hotel is only 600 m from the lifts. Snow is guaranteed in our ski region, which stands out due to its manageable size and sunny position with very little wind. There are slopes for everyone – from beginners to experts. From the cozy mountain restaurant with its large sun terrace – also worth a stop for long-distance skiers and snowshoe hikers – you can enjoy the magnificent view of one of the most beautiful valley heads in the Alpine region, the glacial massif described 120 years ago as follows:

Trafoi is always mentioned with a degree of awe, and rightly so, for the valley and the village with this pleasant name lie at the foot of the largest majesty of the Eastern Alps, the Ortler, which, at 3905 m, rivals the proud giants in the Swiss highlands. The magnificence of the view is only occasionally surpassed; this magnificence may seem oppressive to a newcomer, for when one arrives in Trafoi, one gets a view, quite suddenly and surprisingly, of the massive glaciers that extend practically to the bottom of the high valley. On hazy days when the rocks look nearly black and the Trafoi ice wall looks like a wild field of gliding debris, there is something breathtaking about the view. And even when the sun is shining you feel as though there is something telling you to beware. But man mocks the forces of nature: at the feet of the massive glacier he has built hotels with all the luxury of life’s modern enjoyments, displays his finest manners over lunch and dinner, and cools his champagne and Rhine wine with the “eternal ice” of the glacier...

However, the main advantage of our ski region is that you never – not even during peak season – have to wait in line...
A small, romantic cross-country trail, the Trafoi skiing and snowboarding school (registration directly in the hotel) as well as a ski and snowboard rental service complete our range of offers.